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Jacquie Clay Piano


Songwriter, Musician & Artist

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Jacquie Clay is a singer-songwriter, musician, and artist based in Cape Cod, MA.


Originally from Connecticut, Jacquie grew up learning how to play a multitude of instruments. From a young age, she was laying the foundations to become the artist and creator that she is today.


Attending a prestigious Fine Arts High School, The Greater Hartford Academy of Performing Arts, and receiving her Bachelor's Degree in 2012 from the University of Connecticut, she is always finding different ways to express her creative voice.


Throughout her life Jacquie has gone through some significant health challenges that at times left her unable to play piano. After several surgeries and with sheer determination she is able to play again. This experience gave her a life-changing insight into working towards your goals no matter what and through the power of music, she wants to inspire others to follow their dreams.


Jacquie has evolved her unique and powerful sound creating inspiring, uplifting, energetic pop music that has garnered a whole new following of listeners.


Photo by Abbey Todesco at Honey & Fern Photography

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About Jacquie Clay


 "Jacquie Clay is a ray of sunshine, able to put a smile on your face in an instant, and this new single "Lighter Now" will envelop you like cotton to make you feel safe"

“Reflective, introspective and sentimental, Jacquie Clay blows me away with her new single 'Lighter Now'”

“Lighter Now” was written to celebrate that person in your life who always reminds you of who you are, and helps bring you back home to yourself.

"'Lighter now' by Jacquie Clay creates inspiration, hope and sparkles with energy” 

"Jacquie Clay fills you with bright energy and affection for someone close to you in the powerful and soulful sounds of ‘Lighter Now’"

Home With You

This love inspired tune titled,

“Home With You” is a reminder of what it means to be with the one you love

Check out Jacquie's single,

“Why Not You?” which reminds you that anything is possible when you believe.

 "It is exactly this optimistic positive view that we all need to hold high during these crazy times"

 "Cape Cod musician fulfills dream with release of inspirational single"

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Why Not You?

Lighter Now


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Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

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Photography by Abbey Todesco at Honey & Fern Photography

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